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Silk rug cleaning New York

If you have silk rug in your house for enhancing the appearance of your home, you need to make sure that your silk rugs are spotless and clean. If your silk rugs look soiled or grubby, it will be nothing but a piece of dirt-filled rug. So what can you do to keep you silk rug clean and spotless? Nothing much you have to do rather hire a renowned silk rug cleaning New York agency like us. We have been providing rug and carpet cleaning services in New York for many years.

silk rug cleaning new york

To avoid spoiling quality of your rugs, you should not try any DIY methods for cleaning. Therefore, keep in mind that only the experts can thoroughly and painstakingly clean your silk rugs.

What services silk rug cleaning New York agency provides?

We can assure our clients that they will thank us later once they hire us for silk rug cleaning New York services because we do not use any chemicals or detergent that hamper the quality of the rugs.

silk rug cleaning new york

Initially, after the inspection process, we will remove dirt from the rugs. We will vacuum the dirt and dust with no regular vacuum cleaner rather high-technology and powerful vacuum cleaner. Our vacuum cleaner will eliminate the dirt from beneath layers of rugs.
Next phase is removing spots and stains on the rugs. Our certified cleaners will identify and eliminate the spots from your rugs.
After that, we will wash and dry the carpets using the non-toxic and mild detergent after that properly rinsed it.
Deodorizing and disinfecting are two final steps to ensure complete sanitization of the rugs.
Our silk rug cleaning New York service is available in Zip Code 10011 with Area Codes 212, 347, 516, 646, 718, 914 and 917.