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Flotaki rug cleaning New York

Certainly, flotaki rugs are trendy and beautiful. They are usually handmade with the wool which has a history linked back to Greece. There are different shades and colors of flotaki rug available in the market to choose from. Though this rug has its root in ancient times, it is still one of the mostly used carpets in our houses. However, not only purchasing these rugs is an important task rather you need to ensure that you regularly keep them clean and hygienic. You might have never noticed dirt and germs on rugs with your naked eyes. Therefore, you need to call Flotaki rug cleaning New York agency.

Flotaki rug cleaning new york

What have we for you?

Our Flotaki rug cleaning New York services are authorized by the government.
We have appropriate cleaning tools and machinery to conduct a thorough inspection, cleaning, drying, disinfecting, deodorizing and sanitization.
We guarantee 100% satisfaction to our clients because we are confident in our services.
With a pool of certified technicians and years of experience in serving clients, we deliver only high standard cleaning services of Flotaki rug cleaning New York. We provide extra protection to your rugs with a protective shield.
Our service area includes zip code 10013 which includes area codes of 212, 347, 516, 646, 718, 914 and 917.

flotaki rug cleaning new york
Pr-cleaning inspection to determine dirt particles, spots and stains and post-cleaning inspection to ensure no dirt or germ remains on rugs.
Depending on the clients’ time and preferences, we can schedule the meeting with them. However, if they are not free, we can pick flotaki rugs from the house and will drop it back after cleaning without charging any cost to our clients. We can assure you that you will be glad to choose us as the Flotaki rug cleaning New York agency.