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Rug Cleaning New York

   While it comes to keeping, the homes and offices clean, while some of you might take a rather great effort and while others might not be so eager. There are people who ensure that their homes and office work areas are thoroughly spic and span, and others who do not rather care. But it is beneficial to keep the homes and work spaces clean and healthy. These days, you do not even have to take time out to clean your homes or offices, and if you are a working professional in New York, then you shall get the best services of rug cleaning New York at affordable prices.

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Call us at (646) 512-8960  for emergency services:

We are Rug Cleaning New York, a premier company offering exceptional cleaning services of area rugs in and around the city. You can get the best of Persian rug cleaning New York at affordable rates and that too 24/7! Yes, just call us at (646) 512-8960  and we shall give you the emergency water damaged recovery of rugs and carpets too. We understand that you have bought your carpets and rugs, with great care, and would not see it rot away when it gets soaked in water for long. So we, from Rug Cleaning New York would send our expert rug and carpet cleaners who would firstly steam dry the rugs and carpets and ensure that the rugs get cleaned and dried. In case they need any repair work, do not worry, for our expert New York Rug Cleaners would make sure that each and every frayed corner or edge is darned and restored to the original state.

CALL US TODAY (646) 512-8960 

Our Specialized knowledge and technology:

We, from Rug Cleaning New York, are known for few years, and this means that every year, we are also adapting the latest technology and cleaning solutions that are 100 percent Pet-safe, child-safe and certainly very effective. However, where many amateur cleaners might use any hard solvent to clean the rugs and thereby even end up damaging the texture of the rugs for good, we shall not do that.

We have experience in cleaning rugs of the following varieties and makes:

•    Persian
•    Antique
•    Leather
•    Silk
•    Needlework
•    Thread work
•    Embroidered oriental designs
•    Faux fur
•    White
•    Moroccan
•    Dhurrie rugs

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These are few of the very commonly found rug varieties. Where many people might have area rugs, and thick rugs tacked, we shall take care of working on these and then have them replaced on the floor just where they were. We, from Rug Cleaning New York, have got the tools to remove them from walls and floors, remove the padding safely and wash the stains and remove the odor, clean them thoroughly and place them back on the floor with care. It has been seen that if these tacked rugs are not rested properly, then they might cause wrinkles and people might trip on them. This is the work of experts like us in area rug cleaning New York 10001, and we, from Rug Cleaning New York today are a cool name in this business. A look at our reviews in Yelp and satisfied customers will just show the excellence that we aim with every cleaning service.

rug cleaning in new york rug cleaning new york


How we work and clean the rugs?

It has been a regular occurrence in many homes, when people in a bid to remove hard ink or chemical stain, might try to use the cleaning kits available on the market. These are hard detergents that might remove the stain but instead, leave behind the white spot. These make the rugs look ugly and all your pride in buying the rugs get vanished into thin air. If you have children or pets in the house, then the soil and filth they bring in from the garden is something that your poor rug has to bear with. However, with superior methods of agitation, the filth and murkiness from the rugs will get removed and not the original color.


We, from Rug Cleaning New York, have got our work well streamlined, and this is why that our clients choose us for the cleaning process. We are popular in the areas with the zip codes of 10001, 10002, 10003, 10004, 10005, 10006, 10007, 10008, and 10011 to name a few. Since not everyone is aware of cleaning area rugs or exotic rug cleaning in New York, we would recommend that you leave the job to the specialists.

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We, from Rug Cleaning New York, would begin the work of cleaning with a preliminary check to test the fabric condition, thread condition, color condition and whether there are any more works we have to do or not. Then dusting and stain removal from the rugs are done by us.

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We would then wash away the grime and the soil from the rugs with great care. Germs and bacteria would be treated, and rugs would be sanitized. Then, with steam drying technique we, from Rug Cleaning New York, would remove the excess water and leave it completely dry. We offer free rug pickup in New York from any area in the above- mentioned zip codes.

More of our specialized care:

We, from Rug Cleaning New York, have got great popularity from our corporate clients also when we take care of their rugs and carpets also. So their lobby area rugs or industrial area rugs are also taken care of by our cleaners. Call us right now to know more about our regular cleaning package and get clean rugs month after month.




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